And to think, these days I tell y'all about my period at least once out of every four #TMITuesday. 

You may see more of these little autobio comics from now on! I'll make some strips (like this one) public, but if you're a patron in any tier ($1/month or more), you'll see all of them.

The more exciting reason I've started doing these (and forgive for repeating myself to some of you) is that I finally, finally have a new project I want to work on. But it's going to take at least two years to create - it's a graphic novel, not a comic strip this time - and I need to pay my bills while I'm working on it.

So I'm setting a monthly goal amount that'll cover my bills, and if I can keep it up every month, I'll work on the new project AND make these little autobio comics at the same time. (Most of them will be shorter than this, but some of them beg to be several scroll-swipes long.)

If the goal can't be met, I'll come up with something else to feed me & the cats while I work... but I figured this is the most fun option for everyone involved, so why not try it first. :)

That said, if you're a patron, please don't feel obligated to raise your pledge! I'll be making a more broad announcement tomorrow; the ideal solution would be a lot of people playing a little. I've always made it a goal to try lower pricepoints before exploring alternative routes.

And if you're a new patron, welcome! We're currently revisiting my old college strip, Ramblers at the $3 level, so if you're pledging $3 or more, please feel free to click the "ramblers" tag  to catch up first. (The pledge levels and descriptions are in the right-hand column, if you're reading this on a desktop.)

I've got a handful of strips thumbnailed & ready in a notebook. Some are little tiny things that have crossed my mind over the years, recent moments, stories about my cats, childhood memories, slices of my weird little life. Let me know if you think of something that interests you - something you'd like to hear my opinion on, a story I've teased at in the past but never concluded, a topic you like reading about - and I'll see what I can come up with. :)

Thank you, as always, for supporting me here. I hope I can ramp up my appreciation for y'all this year, in the form of new comics.