I am terribly sorry guys & update slog will be posted as soon as i can. But yesterday I wake up, I am running down my schedule & errands editing & preparing patreon videos for you guys. I decided to watch a timothyDelaghetto vlog  as i was rendering patreon vids to be jealous & hate in a good way before i went to go do my Angry Black man Vid at Father's Day. 

In the middle of Tim's Vlog i hear a loud ERRRRRRRR CRASH, my NEW PC that the loyal member of the nation Pat the engineer built me CRASHES! 

 I FREAK OUT it crashes at 1pm exact! DERAILING my entire schedule, plan & PISSING ME OFF! I call my uncle he tells me to come over he'll help me fix it. i go to Uncle Brian's house LIGHTING SPEED and guess what? HE AINT THERE FOR 2-3 HRS! When he finally gets home he didn't have the right cables for my pc so we had to go back to my apartment. 

Me and uncle worked hard got the pc to boot again BUT IT DIDN'T SHOW ANY START MENU, ICONS, OR let me click any programs. i had to system restore my entire PC!

Took me exactly 11 HRS to finish restoring my pc thank god NO FILES were lost but today i have to  redownload ALL my dozens of programs i use to edit videos & other things to increase our brand. So sorry about not being able to finish my schedule today because of this crash it back logs me 2 days of work & TWO VIDEOS i had planned for Dcigs. 

TO ALL you patreons i am DEEPLY appreciative of you guys from the 1 dollar to the 25 dollar investors i humbly thank you all for being there for me & Understanding.