My current situation
So I have been out from Warframe since Dec 15 2015 (My Last Warframe Video) and why is that? The reason has been explained in this update video I made 5 months ago regarding about the internet service haven't arrived at my new residencial area. It's already coming to mid of November of 2016 and I contacted the internet company about the availability of the internet service in my area and gladly it's available. Hooray! But here comes another major problem, I ain't working and I hate working outdoors, my father isn't working and my mother's salary isn't enough for an additional internet service bill. I could go to work but it's gonna hassle my parents sending me up and down to work, they have a busy life too. Desperate times call for desperate measures they said so I created this Patreon page hoping to aid me in my situation. I hope to solve this problem by end of Nov and I reaaallllyyy wanna go back to making warframe videos BADLY. Just letting you guys know my situation. All the best for the future.