My Current Writing Projects and Issues: part 6

Hey all! Things are going pretty well here. Christmas is rapidly approaching, I've got a few things to do that will be taking precedence over writing (I have to make people some things. It's important!) Though I'll keep working on my various projects. I'm currently working on a side project that, well, I usually don't write this kind of thing and that's all I'm going to say on it!

Anyway. This is another of my favorite series of blog posts. I used to be against doing posts that had 'part 1' and 'part 2' and so on and so forth. I've changed my mind. They're fun because it lets me chronicle what I was struggling with during certain years.

Also, it's been two years and some change since I did the last of these posts.

I work on a lot of things at once - I always do. At any given point in time, I'm probably working on seven to nine projects. Of course, this isn't simultaneously. But I always have multiple projects going.

This doesn't really show how many projects I'm working on, but if you could see the conditional formatting for the Project column...hahaha. Yeah. Too many projects.

Opus Requiem

It feels like I've been working on the Opus series forever. I suppose that's because I've been working on the Opus series in some aspect throughout my entire professional writing career. I think I initially started planning out Opus Requiem in 2009 or 2010 - before I even had Opus Aria completed.

Obviously, it's changed a lot since then.

Opus Requiem's issues stem more from me than the story itself. I have it completely outlined. I've learned my lesson about not having the end of a novel outlined. But there's part of me that's hesitating. There's a lot of not-so-nice things happening in the novel, especially at the point I'm writing. It's hard. I love these characters. But they're going to earn that happy ending.

And...I'm a bit nervous/sad/frightened/any number of descriptors about the series finishing. It's been a constant. What do I do once it's gone?

mana of silent sins

This is the visual novel project that I've mentioned a few times. I've been having a blast working on something for a new medium, it's fun to have a story line that diverges. I think part of the reason I've been so happy to work on it is because it's new and shiny. Visual novels were something that I wanted to work on for ages - but I never thought I was organized enough. I never thought I'd be able to handle the way the story shifts.

But apparently  I can, so that's really great.

My issue is with calming down and making sure I'm not overloading the story with choices. Sure, it's great to have many choices in an area where there's danger. It makes it feel more high stakes, but at the same time, I don't want it to be overwhelming or frustrating.

I know it's something that will get easier as I go along - I'm already doing better with the second route (and have gone back to give the first route more time to develop and breathe).

But I'm nervous that I'm going to screw it all up.

Cheshire/Convergence Point 2

Okay, these are two separate projects. But they're very related. I've been planning Convergence Point 2 (which will get a better name) ever since I finished Convergence Point: where worlds meet. It's based off of a nightmare that I had - though it's been developing well beyond that. Cheshire's backstory is another one that's been in development for a long time. About 2009/2010, actually. It's another that has changed a lot since it's conception.

How do they relate? Well. Cheshire's backstory plays heavily into Convergence Point 2. In fact, Basilisk is making his way over to the world Cheshire is currently in. The events in Cheshire's backstory directly impact what happens in Convergence Point 2. Rather, they set off a chain of events, I guess.

I really want to work on Convergence Point 2. I've wanted to for ages. But I have to write the rest of Cheshire's (very painful) backstory first. This is a well kept secret, but Cheshire is one of my favorite characters to write. Hurting him is hard. And his backstory...well...there's a reason he is how he is in Convergence Point.

Planning the backstory was easy. Writing it is difficult.

the fact that I constantly think of new ideas

This is something I've prided myself on for a long time. I generate more ideas for novels/stories/whatevers than I'll ever have time to actually write. I already have one or two more visual novels in mind, I have TONS more novels planned, and several short story ideas that I can't wait to write.

I don't want to ignore these ideas and lose the inspiration for them. I want to write them all, but I have limits. And I can't work on everything at once despite what I may think some of the time.

I mean, I know this is one of those 'waaaah, poor me, I have so many ideas!' complains, but it's genuinely a problem. I don't want to ignore the characters I've thought of. I don't want to lose them. I want to bring them to life as well...

Can someone make days longer so I can get more done?

I guess that's all for now...

I'm going to stop listing projects before I list everything on my WIP list. We'll be here for awhile if I do that. I guess most of the issues come down to me being afraid of messing up or me being reluctant to hurt a character I care about very deeply. It's stuff that I'll get over eventually. After all, I am almost done with a long-lasting project.

That means I get to move on to new, shiny things.

Here's to hoping writing goes smoothly!

Happy writing, everyone. And happy holidays