My Current Projects: Adventures in the Land of A Thousand Kings
Hi patrons!

(This is not a paid post)

You may have noticed that I haven't posted much to Patreon in quite a while. This isn't an accident. I've been taking time to work on two larger, more ambitious projects. But I appreciate your support and your commitment to my games, so I wanted to let you know what I've been up to.  This post will talk about the first project I've been working on.

Adventures in the Land of a Thousand Kings is a tabletop role-playing game I started working on in 2007, and I'm currently revising with Jess Hammer as a co-author. It's a game where you pretend to visit a magical world called the Land of a Thousand Kings, where you have adventures, meet people of all sorts, and are back home by the time the session is over. The game is deeply committed to the idea of playing as yourself, and is focused on showcasing and deepening the relationships between the players. For instance, as a player, you have a set of attributes (Strong, Brave, Sharp, Kind, and Beautiful) which give them bonuses when appropriate. Your attributes are set by having the other players tell stories of times when they've known you to be strong, brave, sharp, kind or beautiful. While not diminishing the fantasy adventure aspects of the game, these sorts of opportunities are interwoven through the structure of the game, giving you chances to both participate in each other's adventures and learn about each other's lives.

The setting is a fantasy world that is sometimes serious, sometimes silly, sometimes safe or sometimes dangerous, but is always kind. You might get a chance to browse the Library of the Magician King (which has no books), or negotiate with Dragon King in her lair, or face off against the King of the Dead concerning the fate of a friend. If you remember the game Journeyman, which I released via Patreon last year, it shares a setting with the Land of a Thousand Kings. Like all travel, visiting the Land of a Thousand Kings is a way to see exciting new things and spend time with your friends.

In the first generation of playtesting, the game was great, but had some fundamental flaws which made it impossible to continue. Fortunately, and due to Jess's help and insight, we've been able to pinpoint and hopefully address a lot of those flaws and move forward with the game's design.

Right now we've made a ton of improvements and simplifications to the game as well as run some lengthy playtests ourselves. We're assembling a likely-penultimate draft, which will then go through more playtesting (both run by us and others) and revision before a final release. We're not anywhere near where we'd have a finalized release date, but the game is getting solid and substantial enough that I feel comfortable talking about it in public.

If you have any questions or ideas about the game, or would like to be included in updates about it, let me know!