My Discord Content
Hi guys! I know not everyone here has a Discord account, but for everyone pledging $2 and up, I recommend that you get one to gain access to my channel. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Discord, it's basically an organized chat room, kind of like a forum page but with IMs. 

Every discord member gets access to

  • #introduction
  • #general
  • #cuttime
  • #witchscross
  • #astrology
  • more frequent WIPs

$5+ patrons get access to

  • #arthelp where you can get some constructive feedback from me about your arting endeavours
  • #earlyaccess where I'll be posting web resolution sneak peeks of new Cut Time pages
  • administrative privileges

There's absolutely no pressure to engage if you're shy! I'm just putting it out there so everyone knows what happens in here LOL.

Thank you ♥