I wanted to make people happy. I though the fun i had with Sean and Carson would be worth recording. I wanted to leave  impact on people's lives. I wanted a nice community to interact with. I had some dark times in my life that YouTube videos helped me with. A good laugh can go a lone way. I wanted to be the light in people's lives. I wanted a nice community of people because i hate feeling alone. I know others feel this way too. I'm also dealing with a lot of doubt. I don't feel like i'm good enough. If you somehow find this page and you like my content supporting me would really mean a lot. People are just not willing to let me grow and impove. I need people willing to help me now that i'm first starting out. Most people just expect years of work so they pass me by. Other people on YouTube started out like i did. You grow and get better with a community of support. Things take time. People are not willing to give me time or money. I need a boom. I have been depressed for a long time now. I have fun recording and editing. I know my start is a bit awkward, but i can grow and imporve if i get some support now. All small creators need a good first boost.
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