My First Book... Special Gratitude Deal!
[public post]

(photo taken by Jenny Milligan)

So... this is happening! "Mind Full of Prose" will be published via Create Space, and available for sale on Amazon. :D

After tallying the costs and the growing number of pages (160+ right now), I am settling on USD$10 for the book. Any lower and I would be paying people to buy the book.

That said... for all those who would like to help me make this happen, I would ask that you become a $20 patron of mine,  but only for the month of October. That means sign up here before 30  September, and after the October payment goes through, lower or drop the  patronage as you wish.  For my current patrons, just bump your patronage up to $20 from its current level for the same deal.  You've been supporting me right along, so you deserve that discount.

That money will go directly towards getting my first batch of books and YOU will get your name in the Gratitude section of the book. You will also get a signed copy of the  book shipped to you anywhere in the world. Just in time for the  holidays. :) 

Icelandic Book-flood, anyone?


p.s. if you are reading this in an email or elsewhere, please feel free to like and comment on Patreon.  Feedback is food!