My first adventure module
Hello to everyone who is accidentally landed on my page! :)

Below you can find the result of my first attempt to create a short adventure module. My original inspiration comes from Russian RPG group contest, when every participant was asked to create  several short stories based on strict set of ideas. The following short text stories were then transformed into adventures to be playable on any RPG table with any ruleset in mind.

As the result, I have developed few interesting entries and then tried to play with them a bit till the point when the One Page Dungeon Contest started As I am quite a fan of this contest and was following their page for some time, I decided to give it a try. I took one of my works (maybe not the favorite one, but more suitable for the contest format in mind) and started to cut it down to fill on one page. I can say it was hard process, but finally I came to the form you can see below.

I hope you enjoy it and really like to hear your thoughts. Thanks a lot!