My First Patreon, 2 days to go !!
Just teo days to go and this girl is permanently a ROAD NOMAD!, I am so excited I could bite myself. I still cant believe my dream has come true, my head has been spinning for 3 weeks.

And I cant believe I got everything done I needed to get done, solar, packing, naming the Rv, and....getting my first supporter  here on Patreon.

I would like to thank Elliot ( Bassman) for being my first Co-Pilot. Welcome aboard Bassman, let get ready to roll!

So since he is a local here where I am at, I invited him to come over and have pizza with me and get to know Chloe! as true to Chloe's personality, she stood up putting her paws on his chest and smiled in his face. I never seem to have my camera on me when she does that, maybe soon.

We had a nice time talking, eating and laughing, we even worked on his computer a little while.

I realized that this is the very reason, I have made this part of my like public, the people along with the palces I will come across on my journey!

Thank you Elliot, for again being my first Patreon, and friend. It means a lot to me.

Peace N Love