I want you to know that I already publish all my cartoons online for free. Above is Dalek Barbecue, my first ever Daily Dalek cartoon, of which there are 365 already finished which you can find here .....

My cartoons are all for you, to make you laugh and to brighten up your day. We all know life can be hard at times. If anything this has taught me even more how important humour and communication is. The darkest humour can lighten up an impossible day. The knowledge that you are not the only one who has slipped on a banana skin, can make it slightly less unbearable when it happens to you.

My cartoons can also be found on my Facebook page. Here you can share the fun with your friends and be a part of a community of sci-fi and Doctor Who fans.

All I want to do is draw cartoons! I want to pour a cup of coffee and sit down at my desk and begin. I am a man of simple needs, I will work for peanuts and have done in the past.

Please give me feedback about how to do this. This is my first time at using Patreon. Tell me what you want? Is the content too much or too little? Do you like the rewards I am offering? Talk to me!! This is for me and you and for the continuing of creativity.

So adopt a cartoonist today.

I will do my best to be cuddly, and if things go well I may even adopt a Panda too x