My First Post on Patreon!
Everyone knows, 'hello world' kind of post is required to test and see how this thing works. LOL!  I  am not a robot, and so I will be !speaking! just like how I do in videos on YouTube, hope you don't mind the humor!   

I just sent a bunch of invites to people, hope the e-mail go through!  Initially the site didn't allow me to send to too many people, so there should be about 40 mails sent only, too bad. I will try to make an announcement on YouTube about it and see if anyone will come over. I need all the help possible out there to get this channel some blood juice, hope it will work out!

For my disciples (from Tin Yat Dragon), thanks for coming over, you can also support our Chiinnature channel and me via this page too.  To be honest, I don't know how this Patreon thing works yet, but I hope it will be smooth transaction at the end. 

To all my fans, I have got myself a new camera to celebrate Patreon and our new blood juice coming in soon. I think my next posting should or could be on the camera and showing you my new gears!  Hope to upgrade the quality of the videos and also do more guns and stuff reviews as my fans have been long requesting.... but you know, it takes a lot of $$$ to keep buying new guns too!  I hope to get some $ replenishment here to fuel the channel.  Let's get this thing going together!