My First Short Film in A Few Years
The last time I made a proper short film was in 2013, and the film was Saving Mugisha, which I produced with the collaboration of an activist organisation, Raising Voices. Last night, I finished a new short film, What Happened to Jilted Lovers, which has been in production since July of this year. It took so long to finish partly because of the visual effects. Only when I got into post production did I realise I had underestimated the effects, and as such I had to cut out a lot of stuff from the film. It's still a good one,  I think, and you can enjoy it here.

This is going to be the first of a series I call Horror Romance, and it revolves around, well, love and heartbreaks, but add horror in the mix. Sheer horror like in Evil Dead, or The Ring. At the heart of the series will be a nefarous group called the Clique of Jilted Hearts. They have some supernatural powers but mix it with technology to recruit brokenhearted people, and to revenge upon those who hurt other's hearts. 

I will be starting on the next one soon and hope to finish it by mid-January.

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BONUS! Those in Kampala will be invited to the patron's club, were we meet regularly, socialize over a few drinks and watch great films, or discuss art and literature and life.

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Do you know how much inspire me? Anything you tell me is an idea for my next film. You could use the film as a gift to a loved one (or enemy :-o). Say it's your girlfriend's birthday. The main character could have her name, her photo could be a prop!, or the plot could be adapted from events in her life or from your relationship (provided it's film-able on low budget)  :-)) Ain't that a cool gift? 
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I thank you for your support. At this point, it's not just support but you are part of me. So you get to be a co-producer of the short films I make in the months of your support. This includes credit to your company, if you have one, and your company logo will be included in the film where other company logos appear, provided you and your company uphold values that promote social justice and respect the dignity of every human and of the planet. PLUS, all the rewards above!
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