My First Three Files
My first three files are available on my YouTube.

Hypnotized to Strip Naked 

This audio will take you into trance and cause you to remove all of your clothes. Please make sure that you are in a location where this is safe and appropriate before listening.

Note: all of my audios include self-protective language. You cannot make someone strip naked by tricking them into listening to this audio. This only works on a willing listener.

Feel Heavy Trance 

This short hypnotic trance will cause you to feel relaxed and very, very heavy. You'll find your body limp, and maybe even impossible to move, during and for a brief period of time following this trance.

Mindful Release Trance 

Relax and let go of stress with this short hypnotic audio.

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  Help support me to keep doing what I do!
  • Access MP3 downloads of all of my  Youtube Hypnosis files*
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Help spur my creativity! You get to send me one word, which I will turn into a 5-15 minute file.
  • It has to be an English word, not something from a language with heavy agglutination, you clever nerds
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 Sometimes you want something special - a particular trance experience,  fantasy, or  training. Recieve a file on the topic of your choosing. I encourage you to talk about your file idea(s) with me before pleding at this level.  While this has yet to occur, I reserve the right to not make a file. If you pledge without first communicating with me and we later find this to be the case, you will of course recieve a full refund.
  • Short File: at least 10 min, $35 
  • Long file: at least 30 min, $95
  •  ALL previous benefits 
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