My games now on Greenlight!
Hello generous oil magnates whose immeasurable gold has funded my experiments into the occult! I'm writing to you today because I've started a Greenlight campaign to get Eczema Angel Orifice on Steam. It's a compilation of my twines from 2012-2015, along with director's notes and assorted debris. Patreon subscribers will get a free copy when it comes out duh. This is the first time I've attempted to publish a game through traditional channels, and I'm hoping it will help reach a larger audience and fund my work on bigger experiments and worlds. If you like my games or trans people making things, I'd hugely appreciate your vote *chomps cigar*. And if you want to get someone into my twines, this is a great way because: -It compiles them in a single place instead of on the dangerous disgusting internet or as i like to call it “hentai oubliette”! -Many of the games have been revised and remastered! -It comes with a viewing guide that suggests games based on mood and length and lists content warnings! -It contains director's notes! -It has convenient features, like a button for viewing the Ultra Business Tycoon NFO while inside the game, and a colorblind version of WTWLA! Greenlight page where you can vote Press page Demo for PC and Mac