My Garage - Pre-packed building sets for purchase!

This post features a complete list of models that are available as pre-packed building sets for purchase at the moment.

LEGO pieces for custom LEGO building set are used parts in great condition provided by Welcome! Store on Bricklink

I ship worldwide. Any shipping is just $6 USD no matter how many models you are purchasing. And every shipment is trackable

To purchase a pre-packed custom building set, send an email at [email protected] containing the following:

  • names  of the models you want to purchase
  • your PayPal address
  • full shipping address

The invoice will be sent and should be paid via PayPal only. All the purchases are being shipped within 3 days of payment.
If you're a patron of "Auto-transporter" tier, do not forget to mention this in the email and get 10% off your purchase!

No figures included, just parts to build the cars!

1) 4-stud: Stone Age Car 

  • qty avaliable:  8
  • price: 6$
  • number of parts: 50

2)  5-stud: Red Pickup Truck  

  • qty avaliable:  4
  • price: 14$
  • number of parts: 136

 3)   5-stud: Army Hummer 

  • qty avaliable:  4
  • price: 16$
  • number of parts: 155

  4)  5-stud: Tractor Belarus  

  • qty avaliable: 4
  • price: 13$
  • number of parts: 129

  5)  5-stud: White Vintage Car 

  • qty avaliable: 8
  • price: 13$
  • number of parts: 130

Wanna see other cars among my models? Leave a comment and I'll work on some of the most popular ideas!

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