My goal is to become a streamer
 Hello dear friends.In this post I will talk a bit about itself.Waking up in the morning I decided to become a youtuber, I liked to watch stream and record games, I'm 19 years old, the voice is good,and why should I not try?And to start my goal I need small investment,you ask why can't I earn them?In General I have a childhood disease encephalopathy(which means swelling of the brain)the idea I was going to die,but lucky me I was in the mental hospital, and only disturbed my mental state.Unfortunately to work I can't,but I pay only 200$ per month,by the way, Yes I'm from another state,I think it's not a hindrance after all?!In General conclusion, I hope for your understanding and you will help me to achieve my goals and I will delight people with their funny videos)