My grandfather's story
My grandfather, Władislaw Zbegniew Prędota, was born in the tiny village of Bilcza, in southern Poland, on 18th October, 1921. He didn't complete school, but did join the Aviation School in Bydgoszcz in his teens. It was during a leave of absence for sickness that German forces invaded Poland.

What comes next is an incredible story of fortitude, persistence, and sheer bloody-mindedness. He joined the Polish Army, was captured by German forces, send to a labour camp, escaped, joined the Resistance, was captured and sent to several further labour camps twice more, and possibly escaped twice more, before at last sending the final months of the war in Dachau. Liberated by the US Army in April, 1945, he eventually settled in England. 

The ID card above is from that period, detailing his time in the Polish forces under English command from 1945 to 1947.

I am working on a telling of his story, not just of his valour, but of the way in which he built an ordinary life after the war, yet never forgot his family in Poland.

If you'd like to hear about my progress, about the joys and challenges of turning a real life into a storytelling performance, and of how working on this is changing my relationship with my grandfather -- my ancestor -- you can join me for a live video stream tomorrow (Sunday, 27th August, at 3pm BST.

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