My Grey Tears - New Poem Written Today (9/9)
#13 - My Grey Tears - new poem, written today (9/9). Injustice is everywhere, the real question is why? ... BeTh's 30 Day Challenge - 9/9/14 - Day 3 (Reason #13) (More Free Content!) My Grey Tears by Sarah Isbell I see injustice as a color. The dull grey sky that stretches for miles in every direction infecting the mood of all it touches. The cry of a mother's anguish, like a mouthful of boll weevils spewed out to form a cloud that darkens all hope. The thick toxic smoke that clogs our cities and crushes the souls of those just trying to breathe, and tie their kids shoelaces. The blackish sludge that infects rivers and streams of consciousness; and the fish don't like it much either. The mournful screams of protestors, of a nation, being beaten into compliance, guns pointed at their heads, by obedient "peace" officers dressed in black, with masks obscuring their smiles, for simply asking why? Why does it have to be this way? Why is greed more valuable to our society than compassion, education, or our future? The sickening color of an LRad, Armored Personnel Carrier, Tank and Drone, being rolled into your neighborhood, because they killed a dude with his hands up. Because their training says that's ok? A color that cannot be described in the terms of a rainbow, for it is the very thing that kills rainbows. And love. And hope. A grey-hazed soul sucking lack of compassion for freedom of expression and the vivid uniqueness of all that makes life interesting, enjoyable, and yes, colorful. All the things I relish, on purpose.