My Haircut to be Streamed!

A big thank you goes to one of my Patreon members who gave me the idea to stream my upcoming haircut. He also was very kind to help fund part of the upcoming video.  xoxoxo

On Monday, April 22nd, starting around 1 pm Central USA time, I'll start streaming. The link to the stream will only be posted for Patreon members who are in the $10 tier. The stream will be recorded and available to those same Patreon members, in case they missed it live.

I will be setting up the stream and letting it run. So you'll probably get to see me setting up the cameras and such before the actual haircut. And probably a little bit of the take down of equipment before I end the stream, so I can finish packing up and heading home.

Since it's a several hour drive back, when I stop for food, I'll do another stream, again, just for my Patreon members, to show off my new look. :)

I am so excited. I was just giddy talking about my upcoming haircut with the hair models yesterday.

Hopefully, some of you can join me live! 

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