my hotel in la union :)
my hotel in la union :)

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you follow me and I'm 100% glad that you do. Thanks to you I'm able to make my little internet video thingies. As my thanks to you you'll recieve videos that are done. sometimes ones that aren't done as you may get first drafts!!
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You're pretty much the exact same as the previous type of fan but you've chosen to up the ante by tipping me an extra dollar a month! I may float the occasional thing your way that the first teir won't have access to but at this time I have no idea what that means.
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You are the type of fan that wants to invest in helping me tell more, and better stories through my vlogs. You understand that exploration is often a story of it's own and that your support helps me focus on pre-production, equipment, and all of the things that go on behind the scenes before and after the camera starts rolling.

For your love, adoration, and $5 you receive extra tidbits such as full resolution images, selfies, occasional blooper clips, and all of the stuff that normally would be used against me at a family reunion if my family liked each other enough to reunite.

Nobody likes me this much
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I don't anticipate that anyone will ever select this option but I lost a bet involving an orange and a flight of stairs... don't ask.

If you 100% absolutely love me and have $10 a month that you'd like to toss my way this is the option for you. I feel like I've given everything away in the lower tiers so... If we ever meet in person I'll give you a giant hug... unless I smell bad that day, or you give off a creepy unibomber vibe then I'll just like tilt my head up and say "sup" 

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