I look at the sky through a crack in the blind,

A slither of light is all I can find,

I lay in my pain and curl in a ball,

Overcome with darkness in to which I fall.

I see a new life so far from this,

There’s nothing of my previous life to miss,

I’d dress up, look pretty and start my life anew,

Far from this pain, this fear, from you.

I’d buy a tight dress and some sexy underwear,

I’d do it for me and no one would care,

I’d have fancy heels nails and wear high heels,

I’d drink nice coffee and eat fancy meals.

I’d work in an office and be a busy bee,

I’d be the boss and have staff working for me,

I’d have my own money and spend It whenever,

 I’d have fun but I’d stay singe forever.

Instead I’m lying here painted in red,

No confidence, spiteful comments in my head,

He seems to hate me and yet I’m his wife,

His anger and hatred has taken my life.

I hear the door slam and my body tightens,

My heart speeds up and my anxiety tightens,

I’m a shadow of who I was, who I used to be,

His punches, his comments have broken me.

He sits on the bed and reaches towards me,

I flinch but his hand gently strokes my knee,

“I’m sorry…” he starts but I’ve heard it all before,

I wonder will it be the last time or will I hear it more.