My Inspirations Board
Few weeks ago I've created a Tumblr blog for gathering inspirations and things that I love, like hiking, architecture, books, haute couture and cosy blankets.

I'm mostly reposting things that catch my eye, and I was surprised to notice that I've already gathered almost 1k pictures there. Wow. 

So if you're on Tumblr visit me and say hi. And If you're not using it, that's ok, you can give it a try, but it's highly addictive! 

Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
Pathfinder $1
$1 or more per month
Hello Pathfinder!

I believe nobody should pay to see small things like sketches, so there is no special reward here. Think of it as buying me a small coffee.

If you wish to see my work in progress follow me on Instagram

If you wish to know me better simply find me on Facebook and become my friend. I'll be happy to meet you!

I'm also on Tumblr collecting inspirations and creating mood boards.

And for some news from artistic world follow me on Twitter.

Awesome to have you here! I really appreciate your support!

Adviser $2
$2 or more per month
Hello Adviser!

For you I'll prepare some hi-res step-by-step tutorials. You will be able to see how my illustration changed form rough sketch to finished illustration. 

You will also get 10% off everything from my Gumroad store

Thanks for joining me!

Hunter $7
$7 or more per month
Welcome Hunter!

This is a real treat for digital painting enthusiasts!

I would like to show you how I'm organizing my Photoshop files. I'll share with you the original PSD files in desktop resolution, so you can see how my paintings are constructed layer by layer.

I'll also share my current Photoshop Brush Collection with my personalized presets and custom brushes.

On top of that I'll create Photoshop Swatches colour palettes for each painting! So you will be able to catch similar mood in your own pictures!

If I will record a video, you will be able to see me drawing in real time. It's an awesome opportunity to learn tricks I'm using and see how to speed up your drawing routine!

Of course you will get all lower tier rewards!

PS. $9,99 is the monthly cost of the cheapest Photoshop subscription plan. Thank you helping me out with it! 

Under Control Course
$19 or more per month
This tier is meant for those who wish to subscribe for automated monthly payments of my course about art fundamentals.


COURSE STARTS 10th Oct 2018 - ENDS 10th Feb 2019

The "Under Control" course webpage:

Warden $39
$39 or more per month
Welcome Warden!

I'll be happy to paint one of your favorite characters every month! This is an opportunity to request commission cheaper than you would get it anywhere else! 

I'll paint one bust speed painted portrait of your choice monthly. Please check my journal for more details and examples. 

On top of that you'll get stacking $5 discount on regular commission every month! So the longer you stay the bigger discount will be!

And of course you'll get all lower tier rewards as well!

Thank you for guarding me!

My Apprentice $49
$49 or more per month
Become my Apprentice and I'll help you with your paintings!

We will become friends on Discord so you'll be able to contact me, and get the answer for your questions faster!

You will also get 20% off everything from my Gumroad store.

I'll help you by:

  • Red-lines - send me your 3 of your drawings and I'll correct the perspective and body proportions for you!
  • Paint-overs - send me your picture and I'll finish it in my style and send you back a PSD file!
  • Exercise - I'll create tutorial just for you! Just pick the topic.
  • Personalised Critique - you will receive a professional, subjective, and honest critique of your work, along with tips on how to improve your style and technique.

Of course you'll get all Hunter $9 tier rewards.

Thank you for your choosing me for your teacher! 

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