My jewelry from polymer clay
Hello dear friends! 

My name is Julia.  I am from Uzbekistan. I live in the heart of the state in its capital city Tashkent. I want to apologize in advance for my English. I know this is very bad language and therefore I use an online translator.

 Now I'm raising my little daughter.

 I am a very creative person. I love everything beautiful and extraordinary. So that you can get to know better about me and my hobby, I publish this post. 

I work with polymer clay professionally more then 3 year. Each day I create, practice & improve my craft skills. And today I am making amazing items & jewelry. I get inspiration from the nature around me: flowers and trees, sky and rivers, valleys and mountains! 

 So, why I'm asking for contributions from my viewers?

I spend all my time for making jewelry and video tutorials for you and this is why I'm here, on PATREON! I need your support and financial backing! I want improve my channel, search new designs and new techniques, make more video tutorials which will be helpful and interesting for you!

 But for this I need to buy more new different tools and materials, trivially - polymer clay, and also surface treatments (paints, inks, foils etc.), texture sheets, stencils, templates, finishing components, modeling tools and mane others stuff. And as you know everything cost the money, and especially all staff for polymer clay much more expansive then for other crafting trends! 

So, if you're interesting in new amazing video tutorials, I am asking for your support and understanding

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 Best regards,  Julia.