My latest drawing on YouTube
My portrait of Batman from The Lego Batman Movie.
This drawing took me 5 hours 10 minutes.
Thanks for watching and supporting my art <3
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It may not seem like much, but it says a lot and shows me that you really like my works. Thank you!

This is a great way to SUPPORT a month of drawing (especially if you watch my youtube videos with adblock turned on).

In return, you'll get all my love and admiration and also, you will get access to my activity feed.

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It’s time to have fun. Let’s draw! 

Do you want to be my student? Now you can!  Once a month, I will post an exclusive PATRON ONLY tutorial video (about 30 minutes, step-by-step, narrated in Italian with English subtitles).

Learn my technique with these long videos with detailed descriptions and find out all my tricks!

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