My life: that of ecstasy and excellence, trial and tribulation…

Not differing from yours, except in the

Details of particular stimulus and response

Hills to climb and beasts to slaughter

(Food and trophy; prove you were alive)

Blue carpets stained with indecision

Soon replaced by green short grasses and

Hard, heel toe, heel toe concrete warfare

Nothing to do but kill and fight and fuck

Build, create and nurture

Above all, pray

Collect your coin where it may fall and

Be gracious in all that happens to you and

To others

Rip down the venetian wonderment,

Raise the sun up a notch or two in the sky,

That it may shine more brightly upon your work

That you may see your brief signature in the sand and call it good

Scrap rust eaten disgrace

Building instead, fortune and honor

Do your best to know where you stand at all times,

Remaining humble in the awareness that this is utterly impossible

Anywhere during your travels,

If you should happen to bump into cliché or average,

Kill them both, in short order

(A small blade to the throat or an ice pick to the temple will do just fine)

I should consider this a personal favor,

As they have both made costly attempts on my life

More than once

Tarry not with fairies and gnomes, they’ll hogtie and rob you

Pay your taxes and obey the law, lest you lose your freedom

Brush your teeth and stay away from activists,

With their twisted notions of untwisting the world

Heeding these warnings, you should fare well