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My Life As A Duck
(Update: This cartoon is now online at The Nib . Please share that link with people, if you'd like to show them this cartoon. :-)  )

This strip is going to be published on "The Nib."   They're going to post this on Monday, but I wanted to give you folks an early look. But please don't share this one (not even you folks pledging at $5 and above) - I promised The Nib they'd be the first ones to post this in public.

This is an unusual strip for me - I generally don't do autobiography.  But I'm proud of how this strip came out.  The art looks good to me, and I think the writing holds up.  Due to the Nib's schedule, I actually finished this strip months ago, but I remember that at the time it felt like it took forever to finish.

The approach to the coloring - using very sedate colors for everything but the bright yellow duck costume - was suggested to me by Matt Bors, who runs The Nib. (One of many good editorial suggestions Matt made.) As many of you already know, Matt is also a wonderful political cartoonist; he posts a new cartoon a few times a week here.

One thing I do regret about this strip is that, for thematic reasons, it's focused on the things I didn't like about being Daisy Duck. But despite the bad parts, I absolutely loved that job. There are jobs that I like better - such as being a cartoonist (thank you, patrons!) - but I don't think any job I've held has given me as much pure joy.