My Linux patches are mainline!
Hello everybody,

I know I have been posting very infrequently, so sorry for that.

But I have good news which is that my device tree patches for Linux mainline are accepted and will be included in the upcoming 4.15 release.

That means, that you can run an unmodified Linux version (starting with 4.15-rc1) on the Fairphone 2 and get all the newest features and fixes as soon as they are released.

Currently supported in mainline is:

  • Serial console
  • Volume and camera buttons (power button actually too)
  • Internal storage (the 32GB chip inside your phone)
  • USB (e.g. USB networking)

I also have locally:

  • SD card storage (will be submitted soon)
  • Display (basically works but still has problems I need to solve)

Link to the dts file in torvald's repo: 

Photo I took today of the pmOS splash screen on mainline: (sorry for the bad picture quality, I didn't really pay attention while making the photo)