My little Synthesizer Explained series
So let's start off at the very beginning with my quick 3-parter about the very basics of synthesizing. I did that for synth beginners who may have some difficulty understand the "synth jargon" - stuff like AMP EG, LFO or ADSR. This is a rather common problem especially with stage keyboarders. Often they buy synth keyboards, because those have "nice piano- and organ sounds" - but since they're unexperienced in synth programming, they have a hard time learning, or don't even know,  what amazing things they actually could do with their keyboards.
I recommend this 3 very quick videos also to none-musicians, because it's kinda like a Sesame-Street-epsiode "How synthesizers work" :) And let me quote a Youtube commenter: "Why is this not a hugely popular guide for beginners???" :)
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