My livejournal and soon podcast
Hello my dears. So, I'm here again to show you guys my livejournal, where a post some fictional "news" about what happens at the story. The news are a prelude to a podcast that I am writing right now. 

At the podcast I will represent a charater or two that creates a "pirate radio" and talk about  the life as a fugitive from the third dimension (if you don't know about the dimensions read the resume about my fictional universe that I will post one day in my life and put the link here sorry I'm useless) and about the things that are happening in all dimensions and races. So he take some news from this blog and read them. 

Well, everything is still on progress because of university and all, so I'm taking things really slow. 

Still, wait for gratness.

Here is the link and let me tell you a story