My Love Affair with Food - Agra Tandoori
I finally got around to watching Eat, Pray, Love. It was okay. Honestly I am not certain what everyone went so crazy over. I do however understand the fascination with food. Why feel guilty about something that adds a few extra pounds to your hips? That I get.

I love food. Absolutely love it. One of the goals for my life is to travel all around the world and try food from as many different places as possible. I know there will probably be times that I will regret it but hey, that's half the fun of adventuring.

In the meantime, while I am waiting to get the disposable income that will LET me do that, (anyone need a host for a new travel taste show? I'm willing!), when I have the extra income I like to bomb around my local city and try to find new places to eat and try.

One of my absolute favourites is Agra Tandoori Restaurant in Burnaby, BC. While their website was overhauled recently (and I'm not super fond of it, slow loading times), they do now offer online ordering. Their curries are amazing, their portion sizes are more than reasonable and so are their prices. Add on top of it that the curries taste amazing and it is hard to avoid them.

Every time I get to a place where I am badly in need of comfort food I have found myself turning to Agra again and again. They even have a special seasonal menu for those who know it's there. They don't post it on their website but they're considered "walk in specials" so if you walk in the little paper is there with their specials. You can usually get some VERY good deals on some of their dishes and as far as I can tell they don't make the specials smaller, they're the same sizes as the regular dishes.

If you like rice with your curries some of the specials also have rice mixed in where usually it would just be the curry.

One of my favourites in the last little while is their Chicken Korma dish. If you get it with no spice (don't worry, I do eat spices, go, go ghost pepper salt), it's really mild (still acidy due to the tomato sauce), and slightly sweet which works really well with the chicken flavour. (Sorry people with nut allergies, this is not the place for you, there are nuts in a LOT of the dishes).

If you've ever been wondering which curry dish to try making at home however (and this goes for nut allergy people too) I would highly recommend looking up a Chicken Korma dish. You might have to sub out the cashews but I actually think sesame seeds would work really well flavour wise for a very close substitute.

If you're ever in Burnaby, BC I would highly recommend giving this little place a try!


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