My Love Affair with Food - Kamamarui Ramen
When I was in highschool I loved watching Anime (I still have a subscription and binge watch on occasion). One of the anime's that I really loved was Naruto. From that love came an intense and curious desire to try the food that Naruto himself consumes by the bucketfuls and that seemed to incredibly Japanese, "Ramen".

For those who might never have heard of it before it's effectively "noodle soup" and yet it's so much more than that. Those "Top Ramen" noodles that you buy in hard packages at the store are no match for the succulent deliciousness that is actual freshly made ramen.

I so desperately want to be able to send you to a webpage with their information but they have decided to remain in the dark ages. So long as you spell their name right however and you specify "Burnaby, BC" google should help you find one of their two locations (One on Royal Oak and one on Hastings in Burnaby Heights, parking is better at that one).

When we first moved to Burnaby I had no idea that my childhood wish of trying Ramen would be possible (I should have guessed that, but I didn't). When we found the first Ramen place we ever went to (not Kamamarui) it was delicious and surprisingly awesome. Subsequent visits however were not as good as our first one.

This nostalgic feeling and the knowledge that it had to be more consistant somewhere lead Hubby and I to start searching for other places. (Okay, Hubby more or less came along with me after I obsessively looked up all the places near us and demanded that he come with me). We tried a few other before we found Kamamarui (and it took me quite a few visits to be able to remember the dang name, but now I've got it down!)

Hubby and I argued about the food a little bit when we first started going. He loved the noodles at this place (I have come to agree with him by the way, firmer noodles for Ramen are better, especially as leftover when you rarely need to have leftovers). I liked the chashu (delicious grilled pork slices) better at another place, and the broth the best at a third place. We both however LOVED the sides that Kamamarui offered (Get the twinkle. Seriously. It's delicious.)

So we kept going back.

Some places when you eat at them too often you start to feel like maybe they are getting worse (the first one we ate at) but with Kamamarui we feel like the changes they've made actually made them better.

It started with them adding the option to have normal or "rich" broth at no extra charge (I love the rich broth so yay for me!) I don't really know what the difference is from an ingrediant level but I adore the taste in your mouth. I've heard the word Umami used a lot and yeah, let's just say I feel like their rich broth has a ton of it. If you need to understand the word, try their rich broth Chashu ramen dish.

They put their prices up a little last time we went BUT we felt that was okay because they had also changed some of the toppings to put some of their more expensive items that you could previously buy on the side into the purchased dish itself. (I usually get the extra seaweed, when it soaks up all the juices it tastes absolutely amazing so I stick them into the sides and let them sit while I enjoy the noodles and the chashu and then eat all the little smooshy piles of seaweed that looks kind of like ink right at the end.)

Their noodles are firm without being uncomfortably so (and they reheat surprisingly well for a soup dish). Their chashu is mouthwateringly tender with a lot of flavor and they've pulled back on the salt for the sauce that they add to the chashu (which I like). It also comes with bean sprouts and half a hard boiled egg (which is cold so if you want to warm it up do what I do with the seaweed, dunk it in the broth while you eat your noodles). I think they also add green onions and possibly other things but I've distracted myself thinking about the food and now I can't remember.

They also have a wonderful number of sides without getting too overwhelming. The twinkle that I mentioned before is more pork that's shredded, rolled into a ball with other things, battered with a light tempura batter, deep fried and covered with a tangy orange sauce of some sort which is very good and kind of addictive.

If you've ever wanted to try this iconic anime dish Kamamarui is definitely the place to do it.


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