My Love Affair with Food - Anton's Pasta Bar
To continue the theme of noodles that I started last week (which has nothing to do with curry from week one, but popped into my head this week). Anton's Pasta Bar is the first pasta focused restaurant that actually really made me LOVE pasta.

Hubby has always loved Pasta and I think he would be very happy if we ate it at home more often. (He doesn't make it mostly because I'm not a huge fan of it). However when we found Anton's (a recomendation by a friend) it was love at first bite.

Their pasta is all fresh for starters and you can taste it in the noodles. It just isn't the same boiling your hard who knows how hold noodles. Add to that the huge variety of toppings and sauces you can get and it's insane.

Go with lots of time though because a LOT of people know about this place and it shows with a line that almost always goes out the door on any given day. I prefer eating in to taking out, I don't know if the portion sizes are bigger or if I'm just self concious finishing those plates but the portion sizes are HUGE. It might cost you 15$ for your meal or more but unless you're really hungry or you have a really, REALLY big appetite you are going to go home with leftovers.

Anton's leftovers are great too, I have no problem eating them cold so if you're a lazy leftover person like I am it still tastes great without having to heat it the next day.

One of my favourites is the  Penne All' Emiliana:

Penne All’ Emiliana
italian sausage, pancetta, fresh tomatos, basil, black olives & 
feta cheese in a light extra virgin olive oil 

That's the description copy/pasted from their site. It's delicious and there are so many extras in it that I usually leave stuffed from 1/3 of it and I get 2 more meals out of it. It's a ridiculously good price for so much food but it is well worth it.

Burnaby has some restaurants that KNOW food and this is definitely one of them. I have no problem saying if you want good pasta give these guys a try if you're up on Hastings.


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