My Lowest Point.
Ok so I've been away for a week or so... and yes I know that doesn't make me look good but I needed a break. I had a pretty bad week, but I'll try to keep it up.

I didn't get the part and I guess that made me feel bad, but I just wasn't right for the part, there are other parts out there. Then immidiately after I got that call I got told that my writing was terrible. And I guess that was my fault, I didn't understand the project, so I went completely the wrong way with it and got a terrible review. Which really upset me.

So the two things I dream of constantly... I kind of failed at... which made me feel like everything that I was doing was pointless. I've not felt like that for a very long time...

But I sorted the writing out, I still got payed and I've got the novel to ghostwrite now. So they liked what I changed it too. At least I showed I can listen to notes? I just wish I hadn't made a fool of myself in the first place.

I'm really in trouble with money at the moment, I wont be getting enough for when the rent comes out this month, so I've started looking for jobs. It can be quite disheartening when you apply for a tonne and nobody even bothers to reply... oh except the one job that sends you an email saying "every other applicant is better that you" or something to that effect.

Clients aren't responding to my emails, so I've not got thier continued work anymore. Which is upsetting as I liked writing their requests. I'm actually a little worried as to why they aren't responding.

So yeah, that was basically my week, implied failure after another... which made me feel very low and made me neglect my work. Plus since I'm back down to $2 I'm going to go back to once a week, just to give myself time to catch up.

But yeah, I had some pretty sound advice from a pretty close friend, which I'm going to work on. Fix things one thing at a time, so I'm gonna go with the money issues. So to fix that I need to get my patreon better advertised, just shove it in everyones faces... make sure people actually want to read my work! I made a twitter, for buzz purposes... and I'm just going to start writing a lot more, start focusing on the one project... I'm yet to decide which yet. But yea... I'm doing that. Plus still trying to get a part timey.