My new parallel charge board just released
 Me and ReadyMadeRC have released a new and improved parallel charge board, and I want YOU to be the first to know about it. Frankly, it's going to sell out immediately and go into back-order, and I figure getting first-shot at it is a privilege of being one of my Patrons.

What's new about the board? The main thing is that we have added polyfuses in between all of the balance ports. This means no more burned up boards and damaged batteries if you plug the balance lead in wrong, or if the batteries are too far apart in voltage. Basically, this board is almost 100% idiot-proof--but you should still make sure to educate yourself about safe parallel charging before you use it!

The other improvement is that the balance connectors have more spacing between them, and they are set towards the edge of the board. This makes it easier to plug in the batteries and lets the batteries lay neatly to the side instead of piling up on top of each other.

When people originally asked about polyfuses, the response was that it would increase the price of the board. And it has. But not as much as I thought it would. In fact, this board is only $26. So... yeah. 10 batteries. Fuses. Polyfuses. Built in cell checker. Somebody tell me a single other parallel charge board that beats this, at any price. (Assuming you do 4S, that is LOL.)

This product listing is public and anyone can buy it, but I will be holding off on making a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT for just a few hours, to give my Patrons the chance to get in line first.


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