My New Patreon Journey begins!

After running a business part time selling actual physical resin and metal miniatures, the pressures of family life, day job and the business combined have now made that an unsustainable thing for me to do, so I am now no longer directly producing any physical products.  

Instead my focus will be on producing digital content - miniatures for you to print at home and use in your games or just for the joy of printing and/or painting

I am currently in the process of making my back catalogue of sculpt STL files available via Kickstarter and, but all of the new content I create will be done here, with you guys helping to shape the future of my sculpts. 

I would very much like the community to be involved in helping me to create these figures, so I'll be taking requests and suggestions for new minis, and running design polls to help me make design choices.    

For a few examples of the kind of content you can expect, I've added a few images

Once I've got 10 of you onboard, I've committed to creating regular weekly content to keep my offering up to date!  As more of you join, I'll be adding an increasing number of sculpting videos, tutorials and eventually more and more STL files for completed figures.

Please come and join me on this journey!  Sign up at the $5 tier and you'll have access to my component library with bits I've made for different models for you to either use in your own digital sculpts or to remix other STls with, or you can print them and convert your models instead.