MY NEW PODCAST OUT ON 31.January 2018
Oh Yes! It is scary to share my voice in such way. I have been in the comfort zone of safe settings in one-on-one coachings so far. 

But the dream of having my own podcast started long ago. As being 7 years old I had a recording machine and did my own radio shows: producing news, the weather and traffic reports. Later with 20 I did a podcast for a Austrian radio show and spent time with radio makers in their studios. 

I find sharing your voice an incredible decision. And I did hold back on this one for too long. 

Todays super full moon I am using to launch this baby. 

The first episode is really just about me. So you get a little familiar with the vessel of "WITHIN". And soon we will take of to new dimensions together ;-)

In the upcoming episodes I will be sharing Interviews with great people that have discovered ways Within. People who Empower and are empowered by their inner space. 

The music you hear in the beginning are Steffen Kirchhoff and Maywa with their musical project: ALUNA.  The jingle you hear was created while a vulcano bursted out in Guatemala- you might feel that in the energetic composition. 

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ALUNA depicts the joined talents and complementary creations of Maywa and Steffen Kirchhoff, world travellers and soul explorers. Their music project aspires to the creation and spreading of ritualistic music, leading the listeners to reconnect with the Earth, to harmonize with Nature, and with its endless wonders. It’s healing music, it’s music to dance, it’s music to love. Their vision is embodied by their selection of sounds, idyllic melodies, and fascinating vocals, all permeated of Latin American flavours.