My New Girlfriend ver0.01(demo) public release

Mac PC&Linux 

Here is some info about the game:

  • It's based on a faproulette by Vukodav, you can check it out here.
  • The game has some hot voice acting by Chloe Angel, if you wish you can show her some love and support her here. You can listen an example of the voice acting in the game here.
  • Some screenshots from the game.
  • The game is designed in a way so the play has to repeat everything that happens with a main character of the game. For now the only playable route is where the player is getting fucked ;) So if you are not into anal sex, this game isn't for you and you should wait for a version where the main character can be a top one during the sex events.
  • You play as a regular guy who visits a bar on a Friday night, hoping to find some company for the night and then you meet a lovely redhead Lea. After a fun evening at the bar you decide to continue the evening at her place, where you find out that Lea has a nice surprise for under her skirt... And that's where all the fun begins ;)
  • Players will enjoy some sex scenes while getting instructions what to do. What pose to assume, how and for how long to use their dildo :)

I hope you'll enjoy it!

Happy Holidays :)

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