My New Years resolution is to ride my bike 25,000 for the year 2019
I've thought about this all year and during this year I faced many items in which has slowed me from riding, it's okay I had to learn. I've been working on a city goal for the state of Arizona where I plan to ride my bike to each city. The city goal I aim to accomplish pretty quick in the New Year as I'm amping my abilities to be able to earn funds while I ride. If I ride at least 70 miles a day everyday then I'll easily hit my mark of 25,000 miles over the full 12 months in 2019, so.... game on.

January 1st I plan to to start tackling everyday riding at least 70 miles 7 days a week for the entire year. When I'm not riding I will be working on new merchandise such as paracord and t-shirts in hopes that they sell to assist with funds to keep pushing. With that type of mileage over the year I'll go through tires, cassettes, chains, tubes, waters, tons of stuff so fingers are crossed. During the riding every ride will be tracked via my Strava profile, I aim to do photos, and GoPro videos during the rides as well. Huge long distance rides like 100+ mile rides I'll have my Spot GPS Tracker on so all of our supporters here on Patreon can keep up with me. 

Each time that I've set a goal I've eventually reached it and this goal is extreme, but I personally want to accomplish it and I hope that others in the world are there in spirit with me while I knock it out. 

The year 2019 holds for me:

  • very sore legs.
  • a lot of wear and tear on my bike
  • massive weight loss
  • loads of pictures and videos
  • a collection of postcards

I'll probably need a new bike by mid year lol.

Hugs to you all that support, we hope you share what we're doing with others.