My newest sloppy, creative pledges to support PTSD Awareness!

  I was going to say Good Morning...but I guess it's afternoon now!!!

 I'm proudly pledging to create every day on Patreon to support PTSD Awareness...and that's what I'm doing!

(I've been in the studio painting since 10am...)
I had a wonderful day painting yesterday - I shared some work with an arts group and I got excellent feedback and ideas.
 Since I love painting abstract backgrounds so much, someone proposed that I might enjoy paper sculpture and paper cutting.  This way I could have some fun painting my usual whimsical acrylic backgrounds, and then the possibilities become endless in 3D!  Maybe I should just start with an origami book?
Then, thanks to the wonders of the internet, I discovered some amazing paper-cutting artists, like Akira Nagaya, who does amazing work.  On Etsy, Tina Tarnoff even turns her exquisite paper-cutting into jewelry.  Really beautiful.
Then I went a bit google-crazy.  Here are more examples of some gorgeous paper art.  Design*Sponge also featured 25 amazing paper-cutting artists here.  These sculptures are made of nothing but paper.  And then, HongKiat also listed some wonderful masters of paper and sculpture.  I am so inspired to start this new venture!
I also just purchased this book, which might give me some new ideas in the studio...
Trying New Things...
As an artist, and as a human, I have my set comfort zone and am very used to doing what I do. But there is nothing like a new way of looking at something to take your art, and life, into new unforeseen territories.  As comfortable as I am with painting and fabric work right now, I think getting into paper-cutting and sculpture would open a whole new world!I definitely have a goal this year of trying new mediums in the art world...I've been absolutely terrified every moment of my life — and I've never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.” ~ Georgia O'Keeffe
And on that note, here are 18 things creative people do differently - you might find that you're being more creative than you think!
So anyway, I was actually in my studio all day sticking to my comfort zone, for now.  But having quite a bit of fun!
 I had painted these three backgrounds last week and decided to take a stab at them next.
One might say that they're fine as is...but I wanted to do a little to them - just a little!  I swear!
(still working on that minimalism thing)
So...these are the final products - I know it's hard to believe, but I wanted to do so much more!  But I used relative restraint here, and I'm pretty pleased.

I used very sheer material and tuile to not cover too much of the painting I did.  A cool idea I thought of was to hide the tears and broken hearts underneath the fabric, as well as some magazine photos, gears, and some bits of poetry that I ripped from an old book.

I want all of these girls to have some kind of relation to each other, some kind of conversation, or a sense that they all have something that the other one wants - that only when all three canvases are together can they attain a sense of wholeness.  For me, that's what I'd like my pieces to do when they are a series.

So that was half my day, I guess.  If anyone has any feedback or what order they think these girls should be in, I'd love to hear how you resonate with these!  I love how any art can serve as anyone else's refection, so I'd love to hear how these speak to all of my cyber-space art-lovers :)

I was going to start working on this background, but I think that's enough for today.  This is just layers of photos and poetry with gesso and paint over it, and some matte medium.  Not sure what I'll do to this piece.  I think it needs to simmer for a bit.

(Speaking of many of these soups have you tried?  Apparently this year, bone broth is the new trend...which is perfect because my mother makes the most amazing chicken soup with fresh marrow. 
But I think I'll wash my hands first!
It's wonderful spending the day in the studio...but there are no windows so you can lose track of time quite easily!  A nice, creative way to find peace for the day.

That's just a sneak peak of what I've been working on in the studio for now.  I'm determined to create up a storm.After all, that's the message behind


, my full length drama.The reason why I've set up an account on


is to bring my dream to fruition -


is a play I wrote on the healing power of art.  Art is what helped me heal after my PTSD - and it's still helping me!

So hey, pledge what you can on


and I'll create something from the heart just for you :) or check out my little menu of


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You'll help bring IMPRINTS to life!