My other art, Purrfumery! <3
The time to marshal energy and give myself space to breathe is coming to an end - its prep for conventions time! 

My current line up has 92 Perfume Blends and 88 Lipbalm Blends.  Although I've updated the labels (and totally make new ones each season, I promise!) a lot of the blend origins, art, and market are up to almost ten years old!

This year I am going to do an entire line makeover.  Going to work towards a new logo, redone labels, and nixing 

For Perfumes, I am keeping about 35 of the current blends.  At my summer cons I'm going to have some clearance bins so folks can stock up on favorites that are moving onward.

Planning for up to 50 reblendings and new scents, its a massive task for sure.  But Im all in for it!  I am also going to start blending in more touches of Essential Oils, and even testing adding real honey to the blends.  

A dear friend of mine gave me quite the lecture earlier in the year - I always feel so bad and guilty about not doing "more art", "better art" - yet much of my worktime is filled with Custom orders, or all the work entailed in the Purrfumery.  

Which, I did not think was "art" as its more or less a very direct procedural process.  Turns out, I was very wrong about that thought process and am starting to see (and believe!) this is the other half of my artistic expression.

I will begin to post more about this art, and not just leave long silences as I aim to get to the (blessfully!) Patreon push to do at least two small prints, and one larger print each month.

Which, for now on, will be going back to watercolors.  Digital might work well for tiny labels, but Prints and such things?  Watercolors.  <3