My Own Twilight Zone
If you've followed my work for a while, you'll recall that a few years ago I was heavily into film. Proxy Influence, 4 Dogs, Dark Matter, Legacy of One. These are a few of the projects I worked on. Flash forward to 2015, which saw a little veteran-made film called Range 15 get made. I was lucky enough to help out with that (and you can see me for a couple seconds in the film behind Keith David!). Anyway, I got the itch again. So I'm teaming up with Gary Stevens (Dark Matter) to bring you my own version of the Twilight Zone. It's called Spectrum. It will be a web tv anthology in the same vein as TZ, The Outer Limits, etc, but we are going to add some modern flair to it like Black Mirror, plus elements of American Horror Story.

It will be a good time. We'll have a trailer for you in a few weeks!