My Path to God is through Words - New Patrons Only Offering
Hello beautiful Patrons,

Thank you for being in support of my work as an artist! I am beginning something new here. Exclusive to Patrons only will be posts of lyrics to my newer songs. 

Lyrics are incredibly important to me as a songwriter - I consider myself to be a musician and a writer more than the title "songwriter" - this may seem contradictory, but every artist has their proclivities.

Let me explain...

I have been writing since I was four years old. My first story came through me when I was hiking on Mt. Tamalpais with my mother. I could *hear* something - not with my ears, but in an etheric space. I could hear the forest singing a song. I translated this into a picture and asked my mother how to spell the words to what I was hearing. 

As soon as I learned to write, in school, storytelling was my medium. I wrote a short story at age 6 - "The Little Kitten" - that was entered into a school-wide writing contest and won 3rd place. I continued to write short stories, poems, and essays. I wrote a novel in middle school that disappeared into the mysterious world of floppy 3 1/2 disc land and 386 computers gone haywire (just remembering this detail reminds me of how much the digital age has changed things) before it reached many eyes.

I studied and practiced the craft of writing in high school and into college pretty seriously. I wasn't sure what my inspiration was, other than it helped ground for me this experience I've always had of visiting this "other world" beyond the physical. Writing helped me transmit these whispers and echos and sometimes swarming mess of noise that was invisible yet completely tangible to me. 

Parallel to my journey of being a writer has been a lifelong relationship with music. While I had classical training in clarinet and voice, I always had this spiritual relationship with music. I could "hear" the way a piece was supposed to go and could play most things back by ear after listening to them once or twice. It was more of a mediumship relationship than anything else - I would sense the spirit of the song or melody and let it temporarily enter into my body and play THROUGH me. To me it was the most natural thing in the world, but I saw from the reactions of people around me that this was not so common.

It was my journey into the spiritual lifestyle that married music and writing for me. Poetry and sound merged into an alchemical dance; a temporary vibrational door that offered access into the Unseen Realms. 

(see the songkeeper poem below for insight into my songwriting inspiration)

To me, songs are spirit beings,

star beams,

presences of their own volition.

Planet, even.

Galaxies. Rivers. Occupational slivers.

They come to me, I’ve found,

by the mercy of my Muse,

a messenger from the reality of sound

which physical world eschews.

Every where I go I hear

vibrations and song –

but more than notes on a page,

or chords sanctioned into seven notes

of a range,

translated such that

the intellect can assuage


of something so subtle, so fine,

yet so immensely sublime,

that we can experience it with all our senses

and call it simply


So, there you have it. These lyrics and melodies are a deeply profound offering. I will be making them available to Patrons-only. The lyrics begin as poetry, and while the songs are meant to be an experience when performed, they are also intended to be read visually. Each time I post the lyrics to a song, please receive an invitation to read. Take a breath, settle into the moment, and allow the words to become a doorway. A doorway to unlock the confines of the conscious mind and enter into the mythic realms of perception. Your experience there is your own.  Because all is Now, you are never separate from this space. So remember you can navigate just as easily back to linear time-space perception. If you need to ground, just breathe again and maybe tap your feet a few times.

Thank you again for supporting this path of artistry as it expresses through me. 

My 28th birthday is tomorrow and I have big intentions for this year. Part of it is to create more beauty and art and to also create big prosperity in offering something of value and service to the world. You, dear Patrons, by participating in this experiment of a platform, are directly assisting this manifestation. 

Love and blessings,