My Patreon opens with a bang! (Maybe a slight whimper)
Hi guys,

First things first, I'd like to thank you for just being here. I've no idea how this is going to go, but even if this place remains a ghost town it was worth a shot.

I'm currently in the process of releasing a torrent of creations into the world of Planet Coaster.  A guy called Gizzyspop on reddit requested some Mario themed items on /r/planetcoaster and I decided to help him out. I hadn't previously played with any of the art shapes in Planet Coaster and wasn't quite sure how well I'd be able to recreate any characters for him.

Over the past few days I've created quite a few characters from the mushroom kingdom and I plan on branching out and creating more blueprints for the community to enjoy. 

If any kind of community forms here I'll be taking request from patrons and challenging my artistic abilities. I'd also like to teach you a few things if I can. Which means I'll have to throw myself head first into unfamiliar territories. Mainly twitch and youtube. I've never done any video creation before and don't even have a second monitor so I'm not sure how well any of it will go.

With your support I look forward to having some adventures in Planet Coaster.