My Pet Monster 1p3

Monster: 我能抓住!(Wǒ néng zhuā zhù!)

I can catch you!

Boys: 啊!(A!)


Subtitle: 小怪物却从汽车底下钻出来。

(Xiǎo guàiwù què cóng qìchē dǐxia zuān chūlái.)

However, Monster surprisingly popped up from under the car.


Monster:  没有哪个坏家伙能从我手下跑掉,因为我力大无比!
(Méiyǒu nǎge huài jiāhuo néng cóng wǒ shǒuxià pǎo diào, yīnwèi wǒ lì dà wúbǐ!)

There isn't a bad guy who can escape from under my hand, because I am strong without compare!


This made me laugh a lot! There is so much going on here in just a few characters. The subtitle on page 4 (left) in particular is dense with subtle Chinese meanings.

I translated 却 (què) as "However ... surprisingly", but that is not really accurate. It actually serves more to convey a sense of "contrary to expectations". In this situation, the boys were certainly startled by this unexpected action, so I went with it.

His action verb 钻 (zuān) is also not really accurate. Various dictionaries will tell you that it means to drill, to bore, or to crawl/worm your way into something, but clearly  that does not apply here. Monster did not drill into the car, he emerged from underneath it. The verb here is actually trying to convey the startling action that Monster undertook, which is that he crawled under the car and then lifted it up, appearing from beneath the vehicle. Hence, "popped up".