What happens around here?

This is where I'll be sharing my creative process [ideas, lyrics, songs, discoveries, recordings, stories, experiments, 'creative unblocks' etc.], where we'll be in touch, where we'll interact and, besides all that, where I'll be creating, from time to time, an Official Music Video. To enter, to get access to all that and become part of this musical journey, all you need to do is a symbolic enrolment.

How does the enrolment work?

By pledging $1 to help me make my next Official Music Video, each supporter (patron) gains exclusive access to the page where all this creative process happens. For those who wish to pledge more than that, there are several rewards distributed by different levels (sideview info). The contribution that each patron's willing (or can) give, defines the way he/she wants to be involved in my musical affairs and it will only be charge by the website when a new Official Music Video is released by me.

What exactly is an Official Music Video?

It's a music video created to become public and shared with the whole wide world.

That means, a very fancy video. =P

How frequently will I make an Official Music Video?

I would love to be able to launch 1 official video every month but it's a process with so many production steps: to pick/create/find the song; to draw the musical arrangement and choose the right instruments; to record all of that; to create a concept/idea to the video; to make a storyboard; to shoot it; and editing; etc.. All those steps (and a few more), vary from song to song, from concept to concept. I'm counting on releasing a video every 2 and 2 months, let's see. It's an irregular an intimate process, the creative one, so, while that happens, I'll be happy to share it with who want's to come along =)

What does it cost to make an Official Music Video?

It's difficult to come up with a number because it can vary greatly depending on the concept and the quality that one want's for each video - but, in general , there is a lot of work, time and professionals involved. My aim will always be to create the perfect video for each song , even if I don't get enough  funding (here on patreon) to make it happen .  However, with more (and bigger) pledges, more resources I'll have to make the next video and I'll be genuinely grateful with each and every contribution, big or small.


It's a place, within my page, where, regularly, I'll be posting musical ideas, experiments, with one or more voices, exploring different sounds and instruments that can be an idea to an arrangement to a song, different versions of a song, a brand new composition, etc.. As the name itself says, it's an experimental place. All the patrons who chose the correspondent (or higher) level of contribution, with have access to it, anytime they want to check what my crazy side is up to.

There's always more to say so, whenever there's need for that, I'll update this text so it can be clear to everyone who gets here. To all of you, who want to join me in this musical quest, see you in a while ;)

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