My plan for Patreon for the next year
I will be doing my best to try and get more artwork out there for you guys whenever I can. For any Patrons who are currently supporting me, I hope you know that I am glad to have all of you and soon to hope to get more! This next year it's just going to be me posting as much personal art as I can. I will be going into just art practice later on once I get more free time, but at 40+ hours a week at my job I can't say that I can find myself getting any time off to dedicate for that any time soon. For those reading this post that AREN'T Patrons, understand that all of my works will be privatized for at least the next 5 years. I want to practice my art and get much better than I currently am. I do not think I am at a good enough level where I need to be, so feel free to become a Patron and help support my goal in self pursuing my art sooner (which means this paywall will go down sooner) or wait patiently and become tremendously wow'd by my artwork after 5 years have past! I want to be able to impress you all when my paywall for my art goes down. I'm not doing this to be malicious or to convince you all to become Patrons, just that if you wish to see me on my journey of self improvement in the art department, feel free to donate just as little as $1. I am aware that by pay-walling my art and being closed off may have a lot of people lose interest in my art after no updates for a long time and I am aware of this risk. I appreciate everyone who can patiently wait for my return to the public art world
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