My Plans for Patreon.... a.k.a. The "Other Thing".
I have never been good at keeping journals.  I always loved to write, long rambling stories and epic poems, mainly.  Heck, I even wrote an opera when I was in middle school.  But keeping a daily log of my activities and thoughts was next to impossible.  I think Facebook is the closest thing to a diary I've had in 10 years, and I barely post anything at all. 

I have tried unsuccessfully to schedule blog posts on a regular basis.  I even marked it on my calendar - update the blog every Friday morning! Share work-in-progress, upcoming shows, even pictures of cats and flowers.... how hard can it be??? 

But it's really hard, apparently.  I can post spontaneously on Facebook or Twitter, but anything beyond that requires hours of sitting, thinking, writing drafts and editing.  Even a blog post full of flowers has taken me 4 hours to post: weeding through thousands of images (literally) to find my favorites, cropping and resizing them, uploading them, writing the captions, telling a little story....  It's crazy! 

Likewise, I feel like I've been neglecting Patreon.  I mean, sure, I'm sharing videos now, and that's cool! But it has the potential to be so much more than simply a peek behind the curtain.  Patrons subscribe to support their favorite creators, to enable them to DO MORE... and so I feel like I need to be giving more in return.  

I have come to realize that promising to post finished pieces here (before anywhere else) was a bit optimistic... considering I am usually scrambling to get finished before my deadlines!  I am lucky to get those Rabbit Hole pieces posted to the auction album with 5 seconds to spare... Ha! 

But I do need a system.  I need to figure something out, so that I'm not just posting here, there, and everywhere.   Or not posting anywhere. 

For awhile now, I've considered converting my blog into a business-only newsletter, as most people who visit my website are either checking out "What's new?", or are artists looking for advice.   (Why me? You don't want my advice, believe me).

I always feel a tad guilty posting pictures of flowers, when I ought to be promoting my next show or sale.  It's pretty crazy that my CAT ART website has a blog overflowing with gardening posts.   Right now, my website feels as confusing as my brain is most of the time. 

Furthermore, Patreon subscribers are paying to see exclusive stuff, and I can't always promise that I'll be finished with a new painting in time to show you first (although you'll definitely see more in-depth than anyone!)


 So.... here is what I'm thinking. Why not use Patreon as a sort-of journal?  To share ALL THE THINGS, including stuff that isn't necessarily art/business related.  The stuff that makes me tick! 

I could convert my blog into an official newsletter: just art, upcoming events, maybe a cat picture or two for relevance. ;)  If I can draft a quick message on my Facebook fan-page, I can certainly update my blog with a quick... "Hey, I'm going to be attending this show next weekend." 

Patreon will become home for everything else.  My musings, my gardening pictures, and all the stuff that makes up my world but has little relevance on a business page.  

It would mean that I could still enjoy posting and sharing stuff that excites and inspires me, without the guilt that I am neglecting Patrons, or cluttering up my website with non-cat-art-things. 

I will also be re-working the Rewards tiers, and Milestone goals, in a way that actually makes sense for me... since there are only two of you (at the time of this writing), it should be pretty easy. ;)  

I believe you are both subscribed to my blog (and we're friends on Facebook!), so either way, you will still get your gardening fix. :)

Let me know what you think?  

Should I share my life on Patreon, or keep the focus on the art?

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