My Progress So Far
In response to no particular interest from my admirers, I am posting this update.

In our last episode, I had taken refuge in an unused house surrounded by coyotes. My artistic output had dropped almost to zero due to the absence of a fully-functioning studio and Macintosh. I have now prepared a makeshift (but adequate) studio, plus—and here's the remarkable part—I have purchased a new Macintosh, and it's much bigger and better than the one I used before the deluge.

How did I manage such a thing, being penniless? I did what anybody would do: I sold a kidney.

I am not sure whose kidney it was: He tried to say his name, but having chugged three-quarters of a bottle of something called Granddad's Demise, he was awfully thick around the tongue. He yielded up the kidney quite willingly in exchange for a sketch of his invisible dog. Using my invisible pencils, I was happy to oblige. I think I got the creature's ears too big, but the inebriated gentleman did not complain.

Invisible art: There might be a market for that. I'll let you know if I post some, since you'll have no way of knowing otherwise.

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