My Public Crypto Portfolio

Here's the link to it.

I'm working on some updates to the How-To Guide but for right now, I wanted to put up a post as a place holder for the portfolio, to be included in the resources at the end of each post for easy access any time.

A few important things to note.

1. By default, it comes up in the one month view. This can be changed by just selecting a different time period.

2. Also by default, it shows an expanded view of all positions by chronological order and the P/L and change in each specific coin position. For a blended view of eat coin with total P/L and change, click the "Collapse" button at the upper left of the list of positions.

3. As a portfolio of total holdings, "portfolio change" does not necessarily mean "profit and loss," depending on which timeframe is selected. For example, if in the time period selected I have bought new positions, say added $200 worth of crypto, that will show up as an increase in portfolio value. In other words, buys, sells, and P/L are all reflected in portfolio value as a whole.

4. A feature you may notice in my portfolio, and yours once you begin buying crypto, is that if you are going to be investing in altcoins (generally, everything but Bitcoin), then depending upon your relative asset allocation, your portfolio becomes self hedging. That is, when Bitcoin goes up substantially and quickly, you'll see your alts go down, since they are denominated in Bitcoin. And the reverse happens too. When Bitcoin goes down substantially and quickly, your alts go up. In both cases, total portfolio value stays pretty much even. This allows you to wait for a big breakout somewhere, without being stressed about your portfolio losing a lot of value.

5. The CryptoCompare portfolio seems to have an issue sometimes with caching data in some browsers, such if you make an error in entering a position then later correct it, it holds parts of the incorrect data. I had this issue for weeks on Safari on my iPad. It was incorrectly showing my Acquisition Cost significantly higher that it was, and also miscalculating gains/loss on some coins. Once I cleared all browsing data, it resolved.

For those with lots of trading action or large portfolios you might be interested in an account at CoinTracking which has features like importing trades from an exchange and even API access so that trades are automatically accounted for.

For a mobile-only app, I use Blockfolio.

See The Cryptocurrency Resource Library — A Complete Up-To-Date Index of All The Most Important Stuff.

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